4e seems to have ramped up the number of abilities that provide assistance to other players and bedevilment to enemies. There are few classes that can’t provide a buff or a debuff in some degree, whether it’s as obvious as a cleric bestowing a +2 to hit or a fighter marking a target to keep it away from squishier allies. Properly managed, a party can trigger a chain of buffing abilities that may cripple the enemy response before they can react. In the interest of facilitating research into tactics which may prove profitable to our group, the following pages provide a clearinghouse for information on PC abilities, proposed tactics, and like material.

PC Abilities – abilities we can use to help each other.

The Flanking Dance – because we’ve got a rogue who does as much damage at-will as some characters do on their dailies.

The Bubble – Our group has and will have a number of powers that knock prone. The tactic described here could help us take better advantage of that.

Paladin Mark Provocation – a way to turn opportunity attacks to our advantage.

Group Tactics – how we can best ensure that our big attacks hit by chaining together buffs for better hit rates and more damage.

Scipio’s Guidelines for Healing

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