Notable Organizations of Ampholite


Terethel University – one of Ampholite’s two universities, TU focuses on practical matters such as politics, engineering, and astronomy. Borodin studied politics and military science here.

Divers Colleges of the Arcanum and Spiritum – despite the name, Ampholite’s other university has a fairly general curriculum. Alleya studied magic here.

Academy for Research into the Laws and Energies of the Universe – an eminent academy which houses numerous researchers looking to extend the boundaries of arcane magic. Alleya’s friend Piretta Zel’ada is a researcher here.


Leafshapers’ Guild – the guild of mages and artisans responsible for both the care and study of Ampholite’s plant life and the creation of new strains of plants through breeding and magic.

Guild of Martial Smithys – this guild unites all crafters of military weapons, whether major players like the Hangdo and Associates Spear and Pollarm Works or single-man operations. Ampholitan law requires membership for all smiths who provide weapons to the Guards.

Guild of Calamitous Intent – a bunch of wizards who managed to pick up TV signals from the multiverse. Curiously, they have managed to confirm that You Bet Your Life (or a variation thereupon) appears in all universes at a certain level of technology and is always hosted by Groucho Marx (or a variation thereupon).

Unified Chamber of Commerce of Ampholite – represents the mercantile interests of the city. Unites three former organizations: the Upper Ampholite Chamber of Commerce, the Lower Ampholite Merchants’ and Bankers’ Association, and the Free Economic Concordat of Outer Ampholite.

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Notable Organizations of Ampholite

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