Otto Mobeal


Razorclaw Shifter Druid Level 3

Tier Class
Heroic Tier Druid, Primal Predator
Paragon Path N/A (planned)
Epic Destiny N/A (planned)
Stat Value Bonus
STR 10 +0
CON 13 +1
DEX 16 +3
INT 10 +0
WIS 19 +4
CHA 10 +0
Calculated Stat Value
Max HP 35
Bloodied 17
AC 16
REF 15
Healing Surges 8
Surge Value 8
Equipment Slot Equipment Name Bonus
Weapon Dagger +4 = 3 prof + 1 level bonus
Armor Hide +5 = 2 armor + 3 Dex
Feature Type Feature Name
Razorclaw Racial Feature Razorclaw Shifting
Druid Class Feature Balance of Nature
Druid Class Feature Primal Aspect
Druid Class Feature Primal Predator
Druid Class Feature Ritual Casting
Druid Class Feature Wild Shape
Feat Primal Fury
Feat Ferocious Tiger Form
Power Type Power Name
At-Will Wild Shape
At-Will Pounce
At-Will Thorn Whip
At-Will Savage Rend
At-Will Mage Hand
At-Will Prestidigitation
Encounter Razorclaw Shifting
Encounter Twisting Vines
Encounter Predator’s Flurry
Daily Savage Frenzy
Utility Skittering Sneak

Otto Mobeal

Shifter, Razorclaw Druid Level 3


1) Otto left his family at the age of 14, seeking independence and to gain more understanding of his purpose in this world. He went into the deep forest and stumbled upon the Forest-Lit, and chose to become a druid.

2) Otto was trained by a society of druids known as the Forest-Lit, primarily in the arts of feral combat. While he feels a strong connection with the druids, he still feels his adrenaline rush whenever he hunts his prey.

3) Otto is very self-reliant, but that doesnt mean he underestimates the power of a group. He believes everyone should be able to pull their weight. He is predatory and free-spirited.

4) Otto enjoys the hunt, and his favored form is the jet black panther. He thinks besting an enemies senses with secrecy and stealth can be most exhilarating.

5) Sent out in a scouting party to attain the current status of the Earth tower in the Temple of the Yellow Skulls.(Or insert DM reasoning for being in temple here)


1) Find Prey that is challenging

2) Find an ally that has comprable skill to his own


1) Sheas – Otto’s younger sister. She is 16, 2 years younger than otto. He hasnt talked to her since he left home.

2) Razni – A female razorclaw that Otto has a crush on. She is one of the higher ranking druids of the Forest-Lit. Strong hunter and fierce leader.

3) Nelri – Elven druid in the Forest-Lit encampent. Some would say he is, or was, Otto’s best friend. Otto expressed his desire to hunt the unnatural aberration that had been hiding out in the forests nearby for months, claiming the kill multiple times it was HIS kill to be had. Otto hears word that Nelri has slain the monstrosity, Otto avoids Nelri for a week and then accepts his current mission. They are not currently on talking terms.


1) Lost a fight to his younger sister at age 10. Noone knows about it except him and her.

2) While Otto thinks he has been expressing his freedom and rebelling when he was growing up, his parents ultimately orchestrated his arrival at the Forest-Lit.

3) Nelri acted purely in self-defense, although Otto is unaware. If and when otto finds out it was purely in self-defense, Otto might be able to forgive Nelri in time.


1) Otto vividly remembers every time he kills a new type of game. Killing his first undead is one that he remembers quite clearly.

2) Barely escaping with his life when faced with a dragon.

3) His defeat when he was young against his sister.

Otto Mobeal

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