Under The Sun

The Geomancer's Manuscript

Sweetlick, Donaar, Borodin, Return, and Brocc rest briefly in a kenku hut, thirty feet off the ground. They send Return to scout, and he finds an elite archer posted one floor above, along with a kenku warrior and mage on the next platform, between them an 80 foot long rope bridge.

Donaar charges down the bridge and the kenku fly in to attack! Return gets behind the Kenku Warrior but a bastard Sneak stabs at him through the wood wall. Brocc flings acid and chaos, Sweetlick directs Sacred Flames, and Borodin calls their attacks. A Wing Mage calls down thunderous magic but Borodin and Donaar shrug it off. Return swears an oath to kill the Warrior. A rain of arrows comes from the level above, pinning the heroes down on the bridge while an Unkindness of Ravens swarm around them. The Wing Mage moves into position and casts a terrible spell to summon Hurricane Winds – Borodin and Donaar try to stab him to stop the spell but it’s not enough. Donaar catches the edge of the bridge and holds on, but Brocc and Sweetlick are thrown off! Brocc lands in some brush, but Sweetlick lands in a way that gives the snipers an open shot—a poisonous arrow pierces Sweetlick’s gut and he drops unconscious.

Donaar rushes onto the platform to help Return slay the warrior. Brocc shoots arcane magic from the ground far below. Borodin steps up the heroics. First he shouts an Inspiring Word that awakens Sweetlick; then, he grasps the bridge tightly, slices it with his longsword, and rides it down to the ground, beckoning Brocc and Sweetlick to join him. The three climb up the rope “ladder” and finish off the remaining kenku on this level. Donaar and Return hold the next door closed while Kenku minions rush down after them. Now in cover from the archers above, and holding the door as best they can, they catch their breath.

When everyone’s ready, Donaar whispers a prayer before shattering the door! He sweeps in and breathes dragon breath against the Kenku Ruffians, smouldering one and the overturned table he was hiding behind. Borodin walks in nonchalantly, kicking burning table debris out of his way, and beheads the other kenku with unnerving grace.

Everyone gathers behind Donaar as he peeks up the stairs leading to the final level, some 45 feet off the ground. Above: the two elite archers (Kenku Assassins), and the Kenku Ringleader who wields a spiked chain and rides a barely-tamed Owlbear.

The archers show no mercy, sending a barrage of arrows at the adventurers. Sweetlick and Brocc return fire while Donaar bashes through the wooden bars that separate them from another long rope bridge. Return and Borodin follow closely and carefully behind Donaar as they get close enough to rush in for the attack. The heroes call down every bit of divine favor, eldritch power, and battle cunning against the Owlbear and the kenku. Brocc constantly fires off unpredictable spells and bounces arcane power from one enemy to another. Return separates one assassin for himself and whittles the flesh from his bones. The owlbear rips at Donaar savagely, but its claws begin to shatter under powerful magical debility and steel defenses. Borodin makes the Owlbear pay for every swipe at Donaar; meanwhile Donaar manages to avoid being grabbed by the Owlbear and calls down radiant judgment against it. The ringleader has Return marked and prone, and just before he presses his advantage Borodin teleports behind the boss and splits his torso from behind. With their leader dead the kenku have little chance to survive. The owlbear crumbles against the focused attacks. Sweetlick tiptoes over the crowd, heals Return, and punches an assassin in the face! Borodin clumsily slides around the remaining assassin before landing flat on the bridge. The last kenku shifts away and starts swinging his grappling hook to get away, but they slay him before he swings away.

Victory! The kenku ringleader carried his prized possessions: a pouch of valuable gems, a powerful magic item, and the Manuscript of Geomancer Clay. They rest on this perch high in the foliage of Winterbole Forest and read the final notes of the book.

  • 600 xp each
  • 750gp worth of gems (each player gets three gems worth 50gp each, for 150gp each total)
  • One level 8 magic item, not yet rewarded.



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