Temple of the Yellow Skulls

This temple, once-grand, was originally called the Earth Temple by the druids who mysteriously abandoned it years ago. In recent history it was taken over by a clan of vicious gnolls and decorated with painted-yellow skulls.

Now, in the last 5-6 weeks, adventurers and researchers alike have flocked to the temple in a desire for power.

Two factions are established in the temple. A group of researchers, archeologists, and wizards have taken the west wing (the “Arcane” side). Orcs, hobgoblins, and human ruffians have the east wing (the “Tenacious” side).


Arcane Wing
  • Characters
    • High Researcher, an elderly wizard who has grant money to crack the riddle of this place.
    • Chief Archeologist, a fast-talking gnome who wants to make sure the artifacts are preserved.
    • High Ritualist, a priestess of the Raven Queen who can perform level 1-9 rituals at market prices. This includes Raise Dead and Linked Portal.
    • Major Thomas, captain of the mercenary guard.
    • Tinkerer, a gnome who builds iron defenders and is working on a warforged.
    • Alchemist, a mad scientist wannabe who mostly brews potions.
  • Places
    • Magic Market, level 0-9 magic items are for sale here
    • Library, containing tomes of Arcane, Historical, and Archeological significance.
    • Management Offices, where several important figures of the Arcane Wing do their work.
    • Rest Area, rent a bed for 1sp per night
    • Ritualist Room, where the High Ritualists stays
    • Workshop. Rent workspace or hire the Tinkerer or the Alchemist
Tenacious Wing
  • Characters
    • The Boss, an 8-and-a-half foot tall orc who is respected for his undefeated gladiatorial record
    • Ogre Savage, bodyguard of The Boss
    • Bookie, a man who takes bets for the pit fights
    • Old Earth, an elderly shaman and fortune teller
    • Barkeep, mostly local drinks are served
    • Teela Halfmoon, halfling merchant selling adventuring gear
    • Hobgoblin Blacksmith, incredibly skilled
  • Places
    • The Pit, cage/pit style gladiator duels take place here.
    • Bookie Stand, takes bets on any fights
    • Flea Market, food and baubles and adventuring gear mostly sold here
    • Flop House, beds are gross but free with drink orders
    • Bar, hard drinks only
    • Boss’ Room, a makeshift wooden structure where the Boss relaxes in relative extravagance.
    • Blacksmith Shop
Halls of Arcanery
  • The west dungeon, a true test of mental and magical ability
Halls of Tenacity
  • The east dungeon, a true test of combat and survival skills
Earth Tower
  • Sealed. Some think a great being is sealed here, maybe benevolent.

Magic Shop

Level 1-5 magic items are available here for market prices.

Level 0 magic items are available here for 75gp each. Most of these are silly versions of low level magic items.

  • Socks of Holding: see Bag of Holding. Noblewomen use these to fit smaller shoes
  • Magic 8-Orb: Divination device that gives a random result to yes/no questions
  • Restful Throw Pillow: see Restful Bedroll. Only grants 1d2 temp hp.
  • Not-So-Eternal Chalk: see Eternal Chalk. Not erasable but does wear down. Pink only.
  • Lightning Baton: does subdual lightning damage. Basically a taser.
  • Electric Sitar: lightning-embued instrument with crunchy magical distortion
  • Everlasting Cookie Jar: see Everlasting Rations. Not as filling but far more delicious.
  • Tattoo of the Matriarchy: A heart tattoo that says “Mom”. +2 on diplomacy checks against mothers.
  • Polyglot Laughing Gem: see Polyglot Gem. You gain the knowledge of stand-up comedy in one language.

If you have more ideas for a fun level 0 magic item, the shop probably has it.

Faction Benefits

Each quest you complete for a faction grants you a 5% discount on their wares. Completing a quest for the opposite faction adds a 5% price hike. The prices are per individual, not as a group.


  • Unlock the Tower of Earth
    • Questgiver: High Researcher
    • “Untold knowledge is locked in that tower. We just can’t figure out a way in. Not even our divinations pierce the stonework.” Reward: 250xp
  • Retrieve the Artifact Staff
    • Questgiver: Chief Archeologist
    • “We believe there is a staff of incredible power in the Halls of Arcanery. However, no one has returned with evidence of its existence.”
    • Reward: 100xp, 500g
  • Retrieve the Artifact Weapon
    • Questgiver: The Boss
    • “That weapon is somewhere around here. I can feel it. It calls to me.”
    • Reward: 100xp, 500g
  • Gnoll Weaponry (Tenacious)
    • Questgiver: Hobgoblin Smithy
    • “The gnolls that used to live here used a strange metal for their weapons. I’m the only one who still knows how to forge it. Bring me their weapons from below and I’ll stock some masterwork equipment.”
    • Reward: 50xp, imbue weapons with +1 damage vs. elementals
  • Gnoll Weaponry (Arcane)
    • Questgiver: Tinkerer
    • “The old gnoll weapons aren’t worth much to the archeologist, but we could use the scrap metal. I’m sure I can make you something useful if you bring me enough.”
    • Reward: 50xp, pet mini iron defender
  • Gnoll Trinkets (Tenacious)
    • Questgiver: Old Earth
    • “Those gnolls not as stupid as you thinks. Bring me their beads, totems, trinkets, fetishes, baubles. Old Earth give you protective charms and brews.”
    • Reward: 50xp, potion of +5 to elemental resistance
  • Gnoll Trinkets (Arcane)
    • Questgiver: Alchemist
    • “Alchemy materials aren’t getting here fast enough. I can break down old gnoll trinkets but those aren’t getting here either.”
    • Reward: 50xp, potion of healing
  • This is Major Tom to Ground Patrol
    • Questgiver: Major Thomas
    • “My ground patrol hasn’t reported back in two days. I fear the worst. If you find them, dead or alive, I’ll pay.”
    • Reward: 150xp, 175gp
  • Hero of the Pit
    • Questgiver: Bookie
    • “No one lasts in the pit, kid. No one. Hell, even if you beat three challengers you’d be a hero.”
    • Reward: 75xp, plus whatever bets you win
  • Champion of Tenacity
    • Questgiver: Bookie
    • Requirement: Hero of the Pit
    • “I underestimated you! Maybe you can take on The Boss and his Ogre. The odds aren’t in your favor. I’ll take bets anyway.”
    • Reward: 75xp, plus whatever bets you win

Temple of the Yellow Skulls

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