Tiers of Play

4th Edition characters go from levels 1-30. Levels 1-10 is the “Heroic Tier” where players deal with regional threats. Most of our Heroic play will take place in and around this vale. What you accomplish in the Heroic Tier affects your hometown and the nearby area (the Nentir Vale, below).

The Paragon Tier (levels 11-20) usually have players traveling the world. What you do in the Paragon tier affects entire nations.

The Epic Tier is levels 21-30. There you are likely to visit other planes of existence: the parallel dimensions called Fey Wild and Shadowfell, or possibly the mind-bending planes called the Astral Sea and the Elemental Chaos. What you do in the Epic tier affects all of existence.

You can expect to gain 1 level for every 10 encounters/quests you complete. This usually means you’ll gain a level about every 3 sessions. At the rate we’re playing that’s gaining a level every 6 weeks. If we get tired of low level play at some point, I’ll work in some event that will let us skip ahead a year or two and gain X levels.


(TPC) denotes the heroes know the Teleportation Circle for that location.

Other Information


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