Nentir Vale

Nentir Vale

Continent: Avalon

Our Heroic tier adventures (level 1-10) will take place in and around this valley from the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Known features of this valley:

  • Fallcrest is the primarily human town that sits at the center of this valley. See the article for Fallcrest.
  • Hammerfast is a dwarven hold cut from the rock of a deep vale in the Dawnforge Mountains. Hammerfast is the largest and wealthiest town in the region. The Trade Road runs through the citadel gates and continues eastward beyond the Dawnforge Mountains. Dwarf characters likely come from Hammerfast or the nearby mountain settlements.
  • Trade Road connects Hammerfast and Fallcrest.
  • King’s Road connects Harkenwold, Fallcrest, and Winterhaven.
  • Harkenwold is a collection of settlements along the White River. You know the ruler of Harkenwold is one Baron Stockmer, of whom the peasants speak well. The settlements are mostly human villages, but there are a few halfling settlements on the river. Human characters are likely from Harkenwold. Because of the dangers of King’s Road, few traders travel between Harkenwold and Fallcrest.
  • Harken Forest is home to the Woodsinger Clan of elves, of which player elves are most likely a member. The woods are also infested with the Daggerburg goblins who have a long-standing feud with the elves. Elven rangers try to keep King’s Road clear of goblin raiders and look after human travelers.
  • Winterhaven is a fortified human town center nestled in the foothills of the Stonemarch mountains. Near the bluffs of Winterhaven is an abandoned, ruined structure called Winterhaven Keep (also known as Keep on the Shadowfell). See the article for Winterhaven.
  • Bordering Lake Nen on the east is a small human village named Nenlast. They trade fish and pelts with the dwarves in Hammerfast.
  • Winterbole Forest is home to the Tigerclaw clan of barbarians, among other nasty creatures. Most of the forest is untamed (thick undergrowth, uncharted ruins, dangerous beasts). North of this forest is a tundra wasteland.
  • The Stonemarch is home to nasty humanoids, especially disbanded orc clans who fight for power and resources in the area. Beyond these mountains are badlands controlled by the Bloodspear Orcs.
  • South of the vale is the remains of the human empire Nerath.
  • Gardmore Abbey is a ruined complex tied to the old empire Nerath. It was the home of a great paladin order of Bahamut, and site of a critical battle during the Bloodspear wars.
  • You’ve heard the names of the other features on the map but mostly in rumors or whispers.

Races and Backgrounds

  • Humans with a rural background are from Harkenwold. Middle-class humans may live near Fallcrest.
  • Halflings are from villages near Harkenwold.
  • Elves are likely from the Woodsinger Clan of Harken Forest.
  • Dwarves are from Hammerfast.
  • Dragonborn are from lands east of Hammerfast, on the trade road beyond the Dawnforge Mountains. Dragonborn are rare in the vale.
  • Eladrin are from lands southeast of the vale. Hundreds of miles southeast is a Eladrin palace city. Elves and Eladrin players will know that this city is rumored to be one points on the edge of the Fey Wild. Eladrin are rare in the vale.
  • Tieflings are likely from the trade families in Fallcrest: the Naerumar family or the House Azaer. Besides these families, there are few Tieflings in the vale.


500 years ago the human empire Nerath (south of this vale) was the leading influence on the continent.

300 years ago this valley of Nentir was settled, and Fallcrest grew into a small bustling city.

100 years ago the empire Nerath began to crumble.

90 years ago the Bloodspear Orcs swept in from the west, over the Stonemarch mountains. Fallcrest’s army was defeated and the city was razed.

Since then the vale has tried to recover and Fallcrest reestablish itself. It remains a dangerous borderland threatened by the orcs from the west and unknown frozen dangers to the north.

The vale is littered with ruins and abandoned farms, from the Bloodspear war and from ages long before it.

Nentir Vale

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