Continent of Avalon

Avalon is the small continent making up the game world of Under The Sun.

Nentir Vale is our starting location. It is a high-elevation valley between the Stonemarch and the Dawnforge Mountains. The human city Fallcrest and dwarven city Hammerfast are here, along with other small settlements.

North from Nentir is the untamed Winterbole Forest, home to barbarians/druids/wardens of various races and tribes. North from there is mostly uninhabited tundra and frozen wastes.

West past The Stonemarch is Orc territory. There are many city-states vying for power and resources. The Bloodspear Orcs are the dominant clan of the area.

South of Harken Forest, down the Nentir River, is the fallen city of Nerath. Surrounding Old Nerath for a hundred miles is devastating magical fallout that mutates or destroys all life.

Deep under the Dawnforge Mountains is the dwarven capitol Dawnforge.

East past the Dawnforge Mountains is Boz Arkhosia, a Dragonborn capitol city. A great desert covers much of the land to the east.

Southeast of Nentir Vale across the Dawnforge Mountains is the city of Ampholite, an Eladrin city situated in an ancient forest. Melting snow from the Dawnforge makes the land fertle. Halflings make their home at River Town where the river flows into the ocean.

Far to the south is an area called the Elemental Wastes. Weather patterns of Avalon collide here, and the place is known for violent storms of raw magic. It is rumored that a settlement of sorcerers study in the nearby foothills.

The south end of Avalon, near the equator, is covered with thick jungles. A neutral city called Southport serves as a major shipping hub for Avalon and other continents.

Continent of Avalon

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