Chapter 4

Research at the Earth Temple

Borodin received orders from his superiors in Ampholite to investigate the Temple of the Yellow Skulls. He, together with Saum and Donaar, went to investigate. (the rest of you can catch up, it’s only an hour or so by horse)

Adventurers and Researchers alike have stormed the temple in the past month. What drives them? Read on, true believer!

After receiving his orders, Borodin gathered Saum and Donaar to explain the situation and request their assistance. He explained his position as an operative of the Hawk Guard, the current swell in unusual activity around the ley lines of Avalon, and his recent orders to investigate the Temple of Yellow Skulls. Both adventurers agreed to accompany him, so the three rode out from Fallcrest at once.

On arrival at the site, they noticed that the temple was guarded by men carrying lightning batons. A brief conversation revealed that they were employed by the arcane faction (as well as setting up a bet as to how long Borodin would last in the temple). The guards allowed the party through into the central hall.

Donaar elected to visit the rowdy side of the temple first. The party entered during a pit fight and struck up a conversation with the local bookmaker. Discussion with the bookie and other merchants revealed the nature of the Halls of Tenacity’s political system and the high turnover among explorers of the Temple’s lower levels. The whole enterprise proved quite profitable to the bookie and the merchants, but deadly to almost everyone else. More careful examination of the inhabitants led the party to conclude that they were more violent than they should be; indeed, they were very nearly feral.

Borodin led to way to the wizards’ halls. More guards (employed by the wizardly faction) allowed the party through, though with a caution to register themselves. Donaar and Borodin registered, Borodin under an assumed name (Vierhaden Candelphon), but Saum did not. Captivated by the sense of scholarship that suffused the place, Borodin proceeded immediately to the library. He unleashed his charm upon an elvish student, but her devotion to her studies rendered her nigh invulnerable to his practiced blandishments, and not even his sparkling eyes nor beautiful hair could extract more than basic knowledge about the place from her. Afterward, he visited the high researcher and learned that the effort had the backing of anonymous Nerathi humans hoping to revisit the glory of the empire. The chief archaeologist saw through Borodin’s presumed identity but did not care; his only concern was the protection of the artifacts recovered from the lower temple. Borodin then consulted the high ritualist, a priestess of the Raven Queen, on the possibility of using portals to Ampholite to communicate with his superiors (at Terethel University, of course). The priestess seems pleased at the prospect of acquiring a portal code for the eladrin city and offered one discounted portal if he could get the code to her.

Here, too, the party noted that the inhabitants seemed unusually driven. However, they were obsessed with research rather than driven to violence. The researchers believed that a good entity was sealed in the temple’s tower; Borodin speculates that the entity may be evil with a good front, but it is possible that whatever is in the tower drives both factions.

After exploring the Halls of Tenacity and the Halls of Arcane, the team leaves the temple. Donaar loses his bet with the guards once Borodin leaves, though. Borodin leads the party around the temple where they may not be observed and composes a brief message to his commanders requesting support for his hastily-conceived cover identity. The three adventurers discuss their observations and then see to their horses. While the party was away, Bad Horse had convinced the other mounts of his divinity and converted them to his worship, for which act Borodin castigated him and denied him apples. Remounted, the team set out for Fallcrest again to reunite with their absent friends.

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Borodin returns to the Earth Temple alone to investigate. He explores the entrances of both dungeons, stumbles across a gnoll prison camp, and finds help in deciphering old druidic runes. For details of his exploration and research refer to the report filed to his superiors.

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