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Into Kobold Hall

Our adventurers have banded together to help Fallcrest and a quest leads them to Kobold Hall.

Highlight Reel:
  • One brave kobold falls his dumb ass into a slime pit. Borodin stinks the whole fight, so he gets picked to fetch those kobold ears.
  • Wytex uses a well-placed Scorching Burst to crisp two kobold across the slime pit.
  • Donaar and Boradin have two hurt kobolds cornered, when suddenly two arrows from Selenus whiz past them and take both enemies out.
  • Saum sneaks into the next room and gets a glimpse at the guards at the altar to Tiamat. The adventurers line up and charge … into a minefield of dart traps.
  • Donaar tames the vicious Guard Drake while his master kobold hops onto the nearby Sarcophagus. Borodin teleports to get flank on the kobold, which lets the party slaughter the dangerous elite.
  • A kobold tries to pin down Saum. He finally gets tired of it and disembowels the creature.
  • Sweetlick positions a Beacon of Hope that catches three heroes and all the enemies, never giving them a chance.


Encounter 1 (Sludge Pit)
  • Creatures: Kobold Slinger (3), Kobold Skirmisher (4)
  • Treasure: 7 ears (70gp)
  • 116 xp each
  • xp sum: 116
  • gp sum: 70
Encounter 2 (The Tomb)
  • Creatures: Kobold Skirmisher (2), Elite Kobold Skirmisher, Guard Drake
  • Treasure: 3 ears (30gp) and 72gp found at altar
  • 150 xp each
  • xp sum: 266
  • gp sum: 172
Cheiftain Slithy

Kobold Hall session 2. We’re deeper into the dungeon and looking for the kobolds’ skull-masked leader.

MapTool log


JJ’s intro
  • Creatures: Kobold Skirmisher (2), Kobold Minion (2)
  • Treasure: 4 ears (40gp)
  • JJ gets 266 xp (to match what the rest of you have)
Encounter 3 (Skull-Skull!)
  • Creatures: Kobold Slinger (3), Kobold Minion (3), Guard Drake (3)
  • Treasure: 6 ears (60gp), 100gp, ruby (50gp), garnet (25gp), garnet (25gp)
  • 134 xp each
  • xp sum: 400
Encounter 4 (The Big Boss)
  • Creatures: Kobold Slinger (2), Kobold Dragonshield (2), Kobold Minion, Chieftain Slithy – Kobold Wyrmpriest, Spiretop Drake
  • Treasure: 6 ears (60gp), Staff, 100gp for mask
  • 145 xp each
  • xp sum: 545
The True Threat


Read the story here: Prelude

In the cold depths beneath Kobold Hall the adventurers find the treasure cache of the kobolds… but Szartharrax is greedy, vicious, and eager to protect his offerings.

Encounter 5 (The True Threat)
  • Creatures: Szartharrax, Young White Dragon
  • Treasure: 100gp, pearl (20gp), Lifedrinker Longsword +1, Delver’s Armor +1, two necrotic red crystals
  • 150 xp each
  • xp sum: 720
Quest: Clear Kobold Hall
  • 100 quest xp each
  • xp sum: 820
Quest (minor): Find the Dragonhide
  • 30 quest xp each
  • xp sum: 850
  • Quest Reward: choice of Dwarven Armor or Shield of Protection

At this point each player has 105g total from Kobold Hall (this includes ears, gems, and other rewards). The magical items will be distributed separately.

King's Road 1

Session 4: King’s Road 1

Read the story here: Chapter 1

Encounter 1: Scorpion Trainer and Goblins
  • Scorpion Trainer (flavored Human Bandit), Goblin Skullcleaver, Goblin Sharpshooter, Goblin Blackblade x2, Stormclaw Scorpion x2
  • 150 xp each
  • 7 gold each (49 gold total)
  • +1 Amulet of Health (Antek)
  • Cultist Mask (mundane, Saum)
Minor Quest Complete: Find Zuruta and ask him about the crystals
  • 25 xp each
  • Level 2 reached

Sweetlick received a +1 Symbol of Life from Zuruta

Encounter 2: Stirges in the Barn
  • Stirge x6, Zombie Rotter
  • 120 xp each
  • Riding Horse
  • Half-burnt scrap of a Ritual parchment
King's Road 2

Session 5: King’s Road part 2

Read the story here: Chapter 1

Encounter 1: Graveyard Necromancy
  • Gnome Necromancer (flavored Gnome Arcanist), Skeleton x2, Zombie x2, Zombie Rotter x2, Decrepit Skeleton x2, Gravehound x2
  • 175 xp each
  • Vicious Longsword +1 (Borodin)
  • Magic Dagger +2 (Sweetlick for now)
  • Pouch of clear crystals
  • Necromancer Ritual Book (language unknown)
Encounter 2: Siege on Winterhaven
  • Zombie Hulk (custom solo), Decrepit Skeleton x20, Zombie Rotter x40
  • 225 xp each
Keep on the Shadowfell 1

Keep on the Shadowfell – Session 1

Read the story here: Chapter 2

Rescuing Winterhaven Reward: +1 armor for Antek

Encounter 1: Skill Challenge to find the necrotic goods trader
  • Difficulty: 6 successes before 3 failures
  • 125 xp awarded
  • 200gp awarded

Mission: Bring back the head of Kalarel. 500gp rewards. Mission item: Battle Standard of Winterhaven

Disarm the trap door leading down to the keep: 50xp

Encounter 2: Cultist Guards
  • Human Guard x2, Gnome Skulk x2, Rat Swarm, Deathjump Spider, Human Rabble x3, Iron Defender
  • 170 xp awarded
  • 52 gp, two rings 15gp each, turquoise 75 gp, deck of playing cards

XP Total: 1865xp

Solved the riddle of the ancient armor. Reward: +1 Blackiron Armor

Keep on the Shadowfell 2

Keep on the Shadowfell – Session 2

Read the story here: Chapter 2

Encounter 1: Hungry Ghouls
  • Ghoul x2, Zombie x2, Zombie Rotter x4
Encounter 2: Goblin Slaves
  • Skulleater Demon, Torturer Demon, Creeper Demon x2, Bilespitter Demon
Encounter 3: Statue Trap Room
  • Large Warrior Statue, Dragon Statue x2, Cherub Statue x4
Encounter 3: Burial Hall
  • Prayed at altar and avoided combat
Encounter 4: Spectre of Sir Keegan
  • Skill challenge success

Discovered dragon figurines—silver figurines with platinum inlay. One for each character. These will protect you against Kalarel’s evil, after which they can be kept or sold for 60gp each.

Each character has earned 250gp total from adventuring (this does not count the dragon figurines, your starting gold, or your expenditures).

Each character now has 2450xp and is level 3. Be sure to figure out your new HP, healing surge values, and Encounter Power.

Keep on the Shadowfell - Finale

Read the story here: Chapter 3

Encounter 1: Demon Army Defensive
  • Warchief Demon, Bilespitter Demon x2, Bloodsoldier Demon x2, Wretched Demon x4
  • 175 xp
Encounter 2: Showdown at the Shadowfell
  • Kalarel, Writhing Construct, Shadow Tendril x3
  • 900 bonus xp for saving 9 sets of bound souls, killing Kalarel, and the wild experience of trans-dimensional travel. This includes completing the entire Kalarel quest line.
  • Borodin and Selenus get a Level 4 magic item parcel each.

The heroes have saved the souls of 63 villagers. 7 villagers did not survive the ritual.

Borodin returns the Battle Standard of Winterhaven.

The Head of Kalarel quest is complete, 500gp total reward.

You bring Kalarel’s protege Ninaran back to justice in Fallcrest. 200gp total reward. Ninaran is sentenced to death by hanging.

  • 3525 xp each (Note you reach level 4 at 3,750 xp)
  • 410 gp each (plus your starting gold, minus your total expenditures)
Welcome to the Temple
... we got fun and games

Borodin, Saum, and Donaar arrive at the Temple of the Yellow Skulls and find a strange set of inhabitants. Obsessed researchers on one side, rowdy pit fighters on the other.

See the details on the story wiki: Chapter 4

  • no body count, no encounters
  • just RP this short session

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