Cleric of Moradin


Dwarf Cleric of Moradin

Starting Stats: 16 Str, 13 Con, 10 Dex, 8 Int, 18 Wis, 13 Cha

Starting Equipment: Warhammer, Chainmail

Starting Powers: Righteous Brand, Sacred Flame, Healing Strike, Beacon of Hope, Inspiring Word (as daily)

Starting Feats: Ritual Casting, Student of Battle


Ten-Minute Background

5 Background Concepts
  • Balthar is a tribesman from the foothills near Hammerfast in Nentir Vale.
  • He has an unwavering black/white view of justice and good deeds (leaving room for future morally-ambiguous tragedy)
  • Has training as a combat medic, though the recent relative peacetime leaves him with less actual experience.
  • His healing powers and general helpfulness has earned him a long list of adventuring friends who request his time.
  • His parents were much older dwarves, and he’s an only child. This has prompted him to search for his own path early on.
2 Goals
  • Fulfill his Mission to discover greatness and bring glory to his Tribe and justice through Moradin
  • To be a cigar-chomping battlefield badass
2 Secrets
  • Before becoming a student cleric, Balthar was interested in Botany. No self-respecting mountain dwarf male takes interest in plant life. Even Balthar’s father (who is usually distant) was embarrassed.
  • A dwarf woman Leannd claims to be his baby-momma. She’s a busybody, gossiper, and drain on society. One night of too much ale, and Balthar isn’t sure whether the kid is his or not. He wants nothing to do with her, and so his visits to Hammerfast are usually covert.
3 People
  • Lang, a wandering human fighter. Simple talks of philosophy and religion with Lang (who is unaligned) have given Balthar thoughts to chew on.
  • Laurel, a human rogue. More trouble than she’s worth, but Balthar somehow gets roped into missions with her now and again. Balthar thinks she’s misguided and could change for the better some day. She is an occasional nemesis and is completely self absorbed.
  • Justice Durodrak, Balthar’s mentor. Cleric of Moradin and a judge in Hammerfast. Lawful Good, though leans Lawful Neutral (has created enemies by following the letter of the law, sometimes against the better good).
3 Memories
  • Durodrak giving Balthar his holy symbol, in an unceremonious graduation from cleric studies.
  • Fighting to protect his village from a gnoll raiding party. There were no dwarven casualties, in part due to Balthar. This was early in Balthar’s training.
  • Setting out from Hammerfast on his own for the first time—the dawn light confirmed to him that the wooded vale was not such a terrible place.


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