A mercurial swordmage exploring a new world.

Tier Class
Heroic Tier Swordmage, Shielding
Paragon Path
Epic Destiny
Stat Value Bonus
STR 10 +0
CON 17 +3
DEX 13 +1
INT 19 +4
WIS 8 -1
CHA 13 +1
Calculated Stat Value
Max HP 68
Bloodied 34
AC 23
REF 19
Healing Surges 11
Surge Value 17
Initiative 4
Equipment Slot Equipment Name Bonus Special Properties
Weapon Celestial Dancer +11 = 3 prof + 1 enhancement + 4 INT + 2 level bonus + 1 feat bonus Versatile. Vengeful; +1d6 damage on critical hit; power (see below).
Armor Parchment Leather Armor +1 +10 = 2 armor + 1 enhancement bonus + 4 INT + 3 Swordmage Warding Contains a number of arcane charges equal to its enhancement bonus; recharging the armor requires an extended rest; power (see below).
Neck Cloak of Translocation +2 = +2 item I gain a +2 bonus to AC and Reflex until the end of my next turn when I use a teleportation power; power (see below).
Arms Phylactery of Action heroic Power (see below).
Feature Type Feature Name Effect
Eladrin Racial Feature Eladrin Will +1 racial bonus to Will defense; +5 racial bonus to saving throws against charm effects.
Eladrin Racial Feature Fey Origin Considered a fey creature for the purpose of effects that relate to creature origin.
Eladrin Racial Feature Trance Replaces sleep. 4 hours in trance confers the same benefits as a 6-hour extended rest for other races. While in a trance, an eladrin is fully aware of his surroundings and notices approaching enemies as normal.
Eladrin Racial Feature Fey Step Teleport self up to five squares.
Swordmage Class Feature Swordbond Bond with one blade (one hour); can call to hand from ten squares away (standard action); repair (one hour).
Swordmage Class Feature Aegis of Shielding Power (see below).
Swordmage Class Feature Swordmage Warding +1 AC with blade; +3 AC if off hand is free; warding ends if unconscious and is restored with a short or extended rest.
Feat Intelligent Blademaster Use Intelligence instead of Strength for basic attacks.
Feat Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword) Gain proficiency with the bastard sword.
Feat Focused Expertise (Bastard Sword) +1 bonus to attack rolls with any weapon or implement power used through a bastard sword.
Feat White Lotus Riposte When an enemy I hit with an arcane at-will attack power attacks me before the start of my next turn, that enemy takes damage (of the same type the attack power deals) equal to the ability modifier to the attack power’s damage.
Power Type Power Name Effect
At-Will Aegis of Shielding Mark one target. If a creature that I have marked with Aegis of Shielding makes an attack that does not include me as a target I may use an immediate interrupt to reduce the damage dealt by that attack to any one creature by an amount equal to 8. I can use Transposing Lunge (see below) against the target as part of the interrupt, even if the target is beyond my reach. If Swordmage Shielding Fire (see below) is active, the target takes 8 fire damage.
At-Will Booming Blade If the target is adjacent to me at the start of its next turn and moves away during that turn, it takes extra thunder damage.
At-Will Lightning Lure I pull the target to the nearest unoccupied space adjacent to me. If I cannot pull the target to an adjacent square, this power fails and deals no damage.
At-Will (Item) Parchment Leather Armor When I use an arcane power and make an attack roll, I can spend any number of unused charges from this armor and gain a power bonus to the attack roll for the triggering power equal to the number of charges spent.
Encounter Fey Step Teleport self up to five squares.
Encounter Sword of Sigils The target is marked until the end of my next turn. Until the mark ends, if the target makes an attack that does not include me as a target, it takes 4 force damage after the attack is resolved, and I can use an immediate interrupt to reduce the damage dealt by that attack to any single creature by 3.
Encounter Transposing Lunge I teleport the target into a space adjacent to me. I can use this power as part of my Aegis of Shielding interrupt (see above), even if the target is beyond my reach.
Encounter Armathor’s Step I teleport 5 squares. If I end this move adjacent to an enemy, I gain a +2 power bonus to the next attack roll I make against that enemy during my turn.
Encounter (Item) Celestial Dancer When an attack hits a bloodied ally within 10 squares of me, I gain a +2 power bonus to attack rolls and +1d10 on damage rolls against the attacker until the end of my next turn.
Encounter (Item) Phylactery of Action I reroll a saving throw against any effect on me that applies one or more of these conditions: dazed, immobilized, petrified, restrained, or stunned. I must use the new result, even if it is lower.
Daily Dimensional Thunder I teleport 3 squares, and each enemy adjacent to me gains ongoing 5 thunder damage (save ends).
Daily Swordmage Shielding Fire The creature is marked as if from my Swordmage Aegis power until the end of the encounter. This does not end existing marks placed by my Swordmage Aegis power, and using my Swordmage Aegis power to mark another enemy does not end this mark. Another creature’s mark supersedes this one. Until the end of the encounter, when I reduce the damage the target deals using Aegis of Shielding (see above), the target takes 8 fire damage. (No damage on a miss.)
Daily Invigorating Presence I use Second Wind, and each ally within 5 squares of me gains 13 temporary hit points.
Daily (Item) Cloak of Translocation I regain the use of an encounter teleportation power that I have already used during this encounter.
Skill Modifier
Acrobatics 4
Arcana 14
Athletics 8
Bluff 4
Diplomacy 4
Dungeoneering 2
Endurance 11
Heal 2
History 14
Insight 2
Intimidate 4
Nature 2
Perception 2
Religion 12
Stealth 4
Streetwise 4
Thievery 4

Alleya Uillean fin Gaddenshvrik san Duotermischruunhallen (Alleya Uillean Ga’vrik Duo’llen, Alleya Uil’Gad’Duo’) is a newly minted swordmage, straight out of Ampholite’s finest academy of combat magic. Following her brother’s lead, Alleya embarked on a decidedly unbureaucratic career as one of Ampholite’s martial mages. She found the structure of the Guards divisions too restrictive, however, and decided instead to join the Guild of Arcane Adventurers, an association of eladrin mages of all stripes dedicated to exploration — charting new lands, exploring ancient ruins, and the like. In the Guild, Alleya would command her own destiny as an explorer and adventurer (a circumstance which suited her quite well after her brother was dispatched away from Ampholite and the Feywild by his superiors).

Alleya’s first trip from Ampholite out into the world came at the behest of her brother. Borodin called her north to assist in his exploration of the Earth Temple, an old druidic edifice filled with dangerous enemies and cunning traps. Thrilled with an opportunity to dig into a place previously unknown to the Guild and to see her brother again, Alleya left her suitors behind and travelled through the portals to the temple, appearing just in time to complete the investigation with Borodin’s comrades. Now free to roam around the Nentir Vale as she pleases, Alleya is doing her best to enjoy her first jaunt out of the city where she had lived her entire life.


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