Revenant Avenger, previously Shadar-Kai


Revenant Avenger Level 7

Tier Class
Heroic Tier Pursuing Avenger
Paragon Path Abiding Reaper (planned)
Epic Destiny Raven Consort (decided)
Stat Value Bonus
STR 9 -1
CON 12 +1
DEX 19 +4
INT 10 +0
WIS 18 +4
CHA 10 +0
Calculated Stat Value
Max HP 62
Bloodied 31
AC 23
REF 19
Healing Surges 8
Surge Value 15
Equipment Slot Equipment Name
Weapon Greatsword of Oaths Fulfilled +2
Armor Radiant Temple Uniform Cloth Armor +2
Shield Iron Armbands of Power (Heroic)
Cape Cape of the Mountebank +1
Feature Type Feature Name
Revenant Racial Feature Dark Reaping
Shadar-Kai Racial Feature Shadow Jaunt
Avenger Class Feature Armor of Faith
Avenger Class Feature Censure of Pursuit
Avenger Class Feature Channel Divinity
Avenger Class Feature Oath of Enmity
Feat Improved Armor of Faith
Feat Closing Pledge
Feat Focused Expertise (Greatsword)
Feat Shadar-Kai Soul
Power Type Power Name
At-Will Radiant Vengeance
At-Will Bond of Pursuit
Encounter Dark Reaping
Encounter Shadow Jaunt
Encounter Divine Guidance
Encounter Abjure Undead
Encounter Oath of Enmity
Encounter Angelic Alacrity
Encounter Intervening Blades
Encounter Menacing Presence
Encounter Chains of Censure
Daily Aspect of Might
Daily Angelic Alacrity
Daily Fortifying Chant

Ten-Minute Background

5 Background Concepts:
  • Is dead… really, what else needs to be said?
  • As a Shadar-Kai, he was known as Razhar and was a devout follower of the Raven Queen almost from birth. He spent much of his time learning her teachings and seeking the undead outside the Shadowfell to further her goals.
  • No family to speak of. Earned his respect within the teachings of the Raven Queen, as many of his tattoos that he earned were religious in nature.
  • Was killed by a horde of undead while reveling and drinking with comrades just outside the Shadowfell. Unlike his companions, he did not curse his deity’s name, but accepted his death as either punishment for some sin he had committed against her or as part of her grand plan.
  • When raised as a Revenant, he received only his orders: to exit the Shadowfell and continue his duties, unhindered by the need to return home. The order was delivered through a vision seen in death and remembered in undeath.
2 Goals
  • To serve the Raven Queen and bring death to her enemies while bringing glory to Her name.
  • To slash the bejeezus out of anything that gets in my way. Why else would I play an Avenger?
2 Secrets
  • He remembers his life as a Shadar-Kai, the deeds he accomplished, the glory he won, and the people he met.
  • Unknown to him, his orders were delivered by the Raven Queen herself as she “returned” him to his mission, giving him his name as well.
3 People
  • Ioan, a Shadar-Kai Invoker and rival growing up. They competed mercilessly (as in to the point of injuring each other) while trying to complete their given tasks. As time passed, this rivalry turned to camaraderie and they considered each other allies (though allies to be competed with). He was also supposedly killed the night Razhar met his end, though no body was ever found. (run with it, Mr. DM)
  • Doug McIlwain, a human wizard who led Return’s last expedition. He was a strong leader and very charismatic, but he had a lust for power and prestige strong enough to make even a Shadar-Kai cringe. He is the reason Razhar and Ioan died. Again, Mr. DM? Your play.
  • Lycia, a Shadar-Kai Cleric of the Raven Queen. Not really a mentor or a teacher, but more of a guide. She gave Razhar the tasks he was to carry out, as well as gave him most of his tattoos. He respected her but was driven to outperform her.
3 Memories
  • Attaining his first tattoo, given to him by Lycia.
  • His death.
  • The similarities between cutting down his first undead as both a Shadar-Kai and as a Revenant. These similarities are what keep him focused, reminding him that his goal has not changed, merely his body.
Developing Character
  • *


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