Tannenhald san Ixegerusidnon

An eminent eladrin noble of Ampholite.


Tannenhald san Ixegerusidnon (Tan’ald Ix’non), Duke of Auric Falls, is currently occupied as an instructor at the Academy of Military Sciences and a General-Emeritus attached to the Guards Overcommand. At the academy, he is employed as a history teacher in the Candidate Officer Institute, the branch of the Academy dedicated to training nontraditional officer candidates (i.e., nonnoble, non-cadet) for service in the Guards. At the Overcommand, he assists in canonizing strategy and planning; consequently, he works with the highest levels of Ampholitan government and society.

Before accepting his current positions, Tan’ald was the Brigadier of the Hawk Guards. He presently uses his position at the Academy to steer promising students toward the Hawks. He maintains contact with a number of his former students, even those among the other Guards.

Tan’ald is an avid polo player.

Tannenhald san Ixegerusidnon

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