Under The Sun

Writing on the Wall

As the heroes rest, Borodin takes time to study the many markings, statues, reliefs, and inscriptions that line the halls of the dead. From the clues he pieces together this story.

This tribe migrated into Nentir Vale from north of Winterbole, probably 1000 years ago. The harsh winters and wild monsters killed off most of the tribe, and infighting nearly finished the rest. While in Nentir their young leaders were Cailleach, daughter of the dead chieftain, and Bodach, her lover. Cailleach wielded the sword of her father and was both leader and judge of her tribe; Bodach wore a philosopher’s crown and advised with solemn wisdom.

The timelines show that Bodach gathered the tribe to move further south, but Cailleach refused. The tribespeople feared Cailleach but believed in Bodach’s wisdom. She banished Bodach from their tribe and he planned to take most of the tribe with him. Cailleach and Bodach fought, and Cailleach died. The tribal mobs paraded her body around their camp, glad to be rid of their tyrant.

Another set of etchings were apparently done by Cailleach herself; her account is chilling. She would not rest in death. She rose as a powerful banshee, seething with hatred for her people and her lover. At first she only haunted, but eventually she murdered the defectors of her tribe. She drug Bodach, kicking and screaming, down into the barrows, threw him into the funeral pit (crown and all), and burned him alive.

Her hauntings and killings drove the tribe away. Cailleach beckoned to the gravesite cultists who could raise her, restore her beauty, and grant her lich powers. Some time ago, the K-Team used a Gavel of True Law to bind her spirit to her tomb. That gavel merely rests on top of the tomb. Removing the gavel would give her spirit time to awaken and terrorize Nentir.

Her vicious longsword Alleya and his Crown of the Counselor to Lords are both now wielded by Borodin. Together they seek to restore honor to the tribe through heroic deeds.

  • Encounter power. No action, immediate interrupt. Add +1 to any d20 already rolled by you or an ally.
  • Only 5 charges. After that, the sword and crown feel that the tribe has been redeemed.



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