Under The Sun

Underground Complex

The Beer Train slows to a halt as it hits the end of the main track. Clay says the terrible device is ahead. The dwarves establish camp and a defensive position while the heroes move into the mine shafts.

Borodin retrieves his Everburning Torch and scouts the area. Through a thin passage they find a clearing of man-made stonework. Borodin sniffs dead flesh under grating near a set of double doors; the party wisely avoids the grating and makes through the portal.

The next room glows blue with the power of the ley lines. Grating covers much of the floor in this large chamber. Large pipes and conduits span from ceiling to floor. A trio of strange creatures – Grells and Gricks, tentacled and beaked aberrant creatures – tend to the valves and gauges on the machinery. The Grell communicates with them telepathically, in soothing but plain common. “We did not expect you. Why are you here?”. A booming telepathic voice gives operational commands to the creatures – the device will be ready in only two hours.

Borodin recognizes some of the machinery from a wild, dismissed tale of what happened to Nerath. The Grell reads Borodin’s though process and asked “How do you know of the plans of our grandmaster? Our new master will fulfill the mission where we failed before”. The Grell admits his master’s name is Tolvul, and offers the heroes to join in the proceedings through the southern door.

Tolvul, the name is familiar. Similar to the name used by the Mind Flayer Bard in the Earth Temple…

In that door is a grisly scene – behind a large cage, a Foulspawn Grue is impregnating human thralls with their alien grubs. The worms bore through their brains and corrupt them into service. The Grue intends to subdue the heroes and add them to his hatchery, but the heroes have no such plans. Donaar jumps in with Dragon Breath, crisping nearly all of the thralls. Borodin and Return corner the Grue and work him with their blades. During the combat, the foulspawn grubs try to bore into the heroes and weaken their wills. Out of the rubble in one corner of the room an enormous Carrion Crawler smells the dead thralls. He rushes into the action and catches Donaar with his paralyzing tentacles. Donaar shakes it off and fights the crawler, standing toe to toe with it and putting it down. The Grue fights with terrible psychic screams but the heroes work together to slay him.

Borodin is not happy that the Grell misled them. They rush back to its room, and Borodin lays into it with his longsword. The Grell and a Grick sweep in to attack. Borodin and Return quickly flank the Grell and Donaar Divine Challenges it while knocking it back. The tough Grell is unfazed – he wraps the terrible tentacles around Donaar and delivers a near-lethal bite. The Grick, a natural flanker, steps in behind Donaar and lashes out with razor-adorned tentacles. Things do not look good for the dragonborn…

But, in walks Sweetlick! Having completed his Cure Hangover ritual, he joins the combat by healing Donaar and nuking the Grick. Donaar tries to break free but doesn’t quite have the strength; however, Borodin taps the magic of his crown. Donaar roars and becomes a blur of scale and steel. He breaks free with the Grell’s tentacles sizzling. He brings his mighty sword down on the Grell and delivers a massive, life-ending crit! Then Donaar swings around, challenges the Grick, and draws blood with another huge crit!

The tide of combat has turned. The heroes finish the disgusting Grick with a series of expert blows. The pace and smell of combat turns Borodin’s stomach; he leans over the floor grating and vomits:

Haha, are you attacking the doomsday device? Roll improvised ranged attack. CRIT! You hear a “wooo woo wooooooo” sound as the delicate machine powers down.

The telepathic voice of Tolvul echoes through the complex. Someone, something, has compromised his mission…

  • 800 xp each
  • No treasure found this session


Technically, that’s four critical hits during that second encounter, if you count the attack against the machine.

Underground Complex

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