Under The Sun

The Earth Wish

This is why no one (else) survives the Earth Temple

Brocc the wild sorcerer joins Borodin, Saum, Dal’shara, and Otto deep in the Earth Temple.

In the Arcane hall, they summon the Earth Wyrm in the Hourglass Room. Saum is swallowed but wiggles his way back out. A barrage of precision attacks utterly destroys the beast. The sand in the room drains away and our party takes a slide down below.

Saum notices a Basilisk (one of two) in the next cavern. Statues of failed adventurers fill the room. The party advances, but quickly retreats to the hall when they see the second Basilisk (also accompanied by grues and Shadowhunter Bats). Borodin orders the party to use the hallway as a choke point. Borodin is seconds from petrification but Dal’shara’s melodies soothe his body. The lustrous sheen of Borodin’s hair reflects a stony gaze back toward the enemies, killing a grue. Despite the lethal glare of the basilisks, the heroes stand their ground and defeat the enemies.

Spiral stairs lead deep into the earth, and beyond double doors is an impossibly complex chamber a hundred yards in length. Homonculi operate switches and gears that power this twisting, shifting room. The heroes use all their skills to safely navigate to the room’s treasure: The Earth Wish, a seven-foot bronze staff glowing with ancient power (which teleports them back to the ground floor safely).

Borodin reports to the researchers their explorations of the Arcane Halls (but lies and says the Staff was not found). The enemy Drow Paladin sweeps in to claim credit for finding the staff. Borodin bites his tongue and drinks instead.

Back to the molemen guarding the Earth Titan chamber. The elder moleman chants and the door vanishes. Inside there is an infestation of Kruthiks. The group takes position and swarms of kruthiks come out, led by a huge Kruthik Hive Lord. Defensive positioning is night impossible, as the kruthiks burrow under it. The hive lord’s acid spit nearly overwhelms the party, but concerted efforts and careful teamwork help the party to survive. Dal’shara’s songs protect the group. Otto rips savagely at Kruthiks while Borodin commands his movements. Saum takes combat advantage to deal deep wounds to the hive lord. But, the winning move of the battle was Brocc’s Chaos Bolt which hit four kruthiks for massive damage. Soon enough all kruthiks lay dead.


  • The Earth Wish (artifact staff)
  • Borodin – Level 8 item (Eladrin Armor +2)
  • Saum – Level 6 item
  • Otto – Level 6 item (remainder from the dream sequence two sessions ago)
  • 900 xp each



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