Under The Sun

That Can't Be Good

Sweetlick dons his magic reading spectacles and translates the manuscript to the others.

Most of the manuscript is mundane. Discussion of soil samples, geological layers, categories of stone. Sweetlick flips to the back of the book. “Ah, this must be it.”

Contained is a topological map of Nentir Vale. A web of blue ink is labeled “ley line structure (rough)”. The boldest line connects Winterhaven Keep, the Earth Temple, and leads south towards the old capitol Nerath; from Winterhaven it goes east past the Sword Barrows and Fastormel and ends near Thunderspire. Medium lines branch to Fallcrest, Hammerfast, and Harkenwold.

Larger View

The ley line under the Earth Temple was essentially a myth. Only the elders claimed to sense it, and we took them at their words. Now, either I have achieved enlightenment (unlikely) or some power is causing them to awaken.

I followed the line by foot, in careful meditation, to the ruins near Winterhaven. I sensed there a dimensional rift. I feared this necromancer Kalarel was the source of this power. I did not interfere, trusting balance would be restored in time. Unfortunately, Kalarel turned out to be little more than a local madman. He was slain by a group of sellswords, and yet the ley lines pulsated with ever-more frenetic energy. I realized: the rift to the Shadowfell and the ley lines were both affected by some other source. Some power was attempting to unravel the material plane itself.

I projected deep into the earth under the Vale, following the ley line almost to Hammerfast. There, a terrible … I have not words to describe. A construct the size of a wagon. Some sort of device that should not exist. It clicked and spun, and the ley line around it arcs like unholy lightning. The earth walls around it were corrupted, coagulant, no longer fit for our world. The rock itself seemed diseased – a disease that was spreading. At the rate I observed, I suspect all of Nentir would be lost within weeks.

I no longer have to meditate to see the ley lines. This power will not be contained. I have activated the Earth Temple artifacts. It is not his time yet, but we need Kuulain’s knowledge.



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