Under The Sun

Session 5: King’s Road part 2

Read the story here: Chapter 1

Encounter 1: Graveyard Necromancy
  • Gnome Necromancer (flavored Gnome Arcanist), Skeleton x2, Zombie x2, Zombie Rotter x2, Decrepit Skeleton x2, Gravehound x2
  • 175 xp each
  • Vicious Longsword +1 (Borodin)
  • Magic Dagger +2 (Sweetlick for now)
  • Pouch of clear crystals
  • Necromancer Ritual Book (language unknown)
Encounter 2: Siege on Winterhaven
  • Zombie Hulk (custom solo), Decrepit Skeleton x20, Zombie Rotter x40
  • 225 xp each



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