Under The Sun

For a 24 hour peroid, Ampholite did not respond to messages nor teleports.

The heroes rest nervously in Fallcrest. A day later, Borodin receives hasty communications saying Ampholite did not shift from the Fey Wild into the Material Plane the previous night—this has not happened in Ampholite’s recorded history. Borodin, Alleya, Dal’shara, and Brocc visit the young mage restoring the tower in Fallcrest to see if he has information. An old tome reveals there may be Fey Wild connections in the Sword Barrows and somewhere in Harken Woods.

Outside the tower the heroes see a cloaked elf who knows their names. It is Kuulain, the gold dragon taking elf form as a disguise. Sweetlick stumbles by and the heroes get reacquainted. Kuulain senses something foreboding trying to destroy Nentir Vale. Geomancer Clay’s writings held more information but his manuscript was stolen by Kenku raiders. Kuulain leads the heroes north towards Winterbole Forest where the kenku hide out.

Sweetlick uses his elven instincts to lead the party through the rough trail. They notice side paths intentionally shielded with uprooted trees and brush. They follow through the thick foliage and finally spot the well-camouflaged hideout high in the trees. The heroes ambush two kenku guards and rush up the rope bridge. Alleya pins down a kenku warrior but another sneaky kenku hits her from around the corner. Dal’shara floats up to the platform and barrages the sneak with his bardic attacks. Brocc’s acid devistates, while Sweetlick aims to impress Alleya with his divine prowess. Borodin helps his sister surround their foes and in no time the kenku lay dead. They hear calls for help from inside the tree house. Alleya rushes in only to see the flash of steel—another kenku sneak was faking those cries for help! Borodin tells Sweetlick to block the stairs, and the sneak is surrounded and is dead in moments.

After a short rest, the heroes see (through the slats of wood) more kenku on the floor above. Borodin and Alleya prepare to teleport vertically and the rest of the heroes rush upstairs. The eladrin flank and skewer one guard before he knows what has happened. The adventurers make easy work of more kenku ruffians. From the next platform, two warriors and two wing mages make their advance. Borodin and Alleya face off against two warriors, using their movement powers to keep the advantage over them. The wing mages utter eldritch phrases and take to the air! One dazes Dal’shara and Brocc, then summons hurricane winds! Dal’shara nearly falls off the platform; grabbing the ledge, he sings a tune that lets him walk across air over to the next rope bridge. Brocc teleports to escape—his chaos bolt destroys the wing mage and bounces over to hurt the warriors. Sweetlick summons a spirit to protect Alleya, and she stands tough despite savage wounds from the kenku. Alleya evocates, her bastard sword glowing with sigils, and draws blood from three kenku. The second wing mage tries to hurricane-blast the eladrin off the platform: Alleya resists; Borodin is taken by the winds but grabs onto the hovering kenku before falling! He flips back over to the platform and the heroes lay waste to the rest of the kenku.

Turning over the kenku’s sleeping area revealed a valuable treasure: a gold plate with platinum inlay, written in Old Dwarven. Sweetlick puts on magical reading glasses and deciphers the text—the plate is a religious Offering Plate to Moradin and is probably worth 250gp. Maybe someone in Hammerfast will want this. But first, rest and finding Clay’s manuscript.

  • XP award for research and finding the kenku hideout: just enough to hit level 6
  • Two kenku fights: 2300 (460 each)
  • Gold found: 100gp (20 each)
  • Offering Plate of Morodin (worth 250gp)
  • 2 Potions of Healing



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