Under The Sun

Halls of Tenacity

See the detailed story here: Chapter 5

  • Avoided and disabled a pit trap, disabled and reused a boulder trap, disabled an arrow and a lightning trap
  • Body count: 4 grues, young minotaur, gnoll marauder, gnoll remnant, duergar theurgist slaver, deurgar scout x2, gargoyle x4, earth archon guardian x2
  • XP earned: 750 (800 after turning in the Gnoll Artifact)
  • XP total: 4225 (Borodin has 4675). After the Gnoll Artifact that’s 4275 (4725).
  • Gold earned: +120 each
  • Total gold each: 530 gp each (plus your starting gold, minus your total expenditures)
  • 4 gnoll trinkets
  • 2 gnoll weapons
  • Saum earns a level 6 item
  • Antek earns a level 5 item
  • Donaar earns a level 4 item



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