Under The Sun

Breaking The Seal

Sensing their showdown against the Earth Titan will be dangerous, Borodin summons his sister Alleya, the Swordmage from Ampholite. Together with Brocc and Otto they face off against the Titan.

Borodin climbs the Titan’s back and pulls out Earth Rend, the terrible greatsword. The heroes launch into attacks before the Titan is fully awake. Borodin commands their attacks which chip away at stone-flesh with each swing. The titan grabs at Alleya who simply fey steps out of the grip. Brocc, wielding the Earth Wish, commands chromatic chaos against the foe. Otto savagely rips at and slides the dazed creature. The body crumbles, but both arms continue to animate and attack viciously. Borodin barely escapes death. Alleya shields the heroes from certain doom. Brocc’s eldritch whisperings disintegrate what’s left of the creature.

The titan’s crumbled body leaves behind an uncountable sea of coins. A treasure chest yields a magic item suited to each hero, as if fate expected this day.

They hop a portal back to the surface. As both weapons are returned to the statue alcoves, cracks appear in the sealed tower door. A gust of wind comes from behind the heroes towards the opening room. Inside is the young gold dragon Kuulain who is impatiently waiting for the sealing ritual to begin. Borodin explains that much time has passed, and the dragon has been sealed for many years.

Kuulain expected to be sealed for 250 years, but was only sealed for 60. This cycle would only be interrupted for a grave emergency. The powers of the ley lines caused the Earth Wish and Earth Rend to tremble and draw far too many willing heroes. The weapons tell Kuulain that some nameless evil is behind the imbalance of the ley lines, though no one seems to know exactly what or who.

Kuulain requests the most powerful divination ritualists to aid in this search. This includes Borodin’s contacts in Ampholite and Zuruta the elf.

For now the heroes return to Fallcrest for rest. There is still work to make the Nentir Vale a safer place, though this nameless evil will not wait forever…

Because of party flux we’re normalizing XP and treasure.

  • Everyone is at 7250 xp (level 5, almost level 6).
  • Everyone has 1250 gp (less if you already purchased a permanent magic item)
  • Everyone earned a +2 magic item today (specifically, any level 5-10 item of your choice)
  • This means everyone should have 4 magic items. Let me know if this isn’t the case.



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