Under The Sun

Banshee Queen

The lineup: Borodin, Donaar, Antek, Sweetlick, Otto, Return.

The heroes take a short rest. They hope that Sweetlick’s Undead Ward holds up long enough to figure out a way past the maze. The door forward only portals them to the maze entrance (and vice versa).

Sweetlick and Borodin consult with the wights. They reveal that they are eternally bound to protect their queen, but if the heroes slay her they will be freed. The ghosts reveal that the way forward is in the “safe square”, a riddle known only to the ancients. Borodin recalls a bit of trivia which leads him to the secret entrance. A false rock, a lever pull, and the heroes see the way forward.

The next pillared chamber has not seen life for many hundreds of years. The tomb of the banshee queen Cailleach. On the tomb is the golden glowing Gavel of Pure Law. Antek is brave enough to pick it up; his entire arm glows golden and he instantly recalls every transgression: every lie, every broken promise, every law broken. He puts the gavel back down, but the Banshee Queen has already stirred. When he picks the gavel back up, she emerges! Her face beautiful, but her body is twisted and corrupt. Eyes, mouths, tentacles, and spikes cover her translucent undead image. The insane woman believes Borodin to be her Bodach (he wears his old crown) and flies into a rage.

She moves with supernatural speed; her Eye Bite corrupts anyone who even gets close to her. She opens with a flurry of attacks that nearly bring both Antek and Borodin to their knees. Donaar swings around a pillar and issues a Divine Challenge against her—taking heat off of the front line long enough for Sweetlick to drop his Beacon of Hope. Cailleach’s banshee wail tears at the mind of the heroes before she focuses her attack on Donaar. Otto charges in, keeping her flanked and moving her closer to the stunned Donaar. Return shakes off a stun and lays vengeance upon his target of emnity. Borodin gives turn to Sweetlick’s divine barrage. She assails and blood kisses Donaar who is knocked out, but Sweetlick sacrifices his own strength to revive him. Antek strikes her with enough force to knock her to the ground. The Banshee makes her final barrage against Antek, but Borodin has her between a rock and a hard place; his longsword jabs ends what semblance of life she had.

Her burial chamber is loaded down with treasure. One item in particular is a mystery—it seems to be a mind flayer charm that was used long ago to enslave the gith. She was obviously using in her preparations for lich-hood but it seems the aberrant force corrupted her.

Quotes from Cailleach:
  • “Bodach, you have returned for me. Come closer … and never depart from me again!”
  • “(laughs) You cannot slay me with my own sword!”
  • “What? ... who … how dare you wear that crown in my presence!”
  • “Lay down your weapons. I will eat your souls and end your torment!”
  • “I will open one of my six mouths and sing the song that ends the earth!”
  • Banshee Queen slain (reflavored Bloodkiss Beholder)
  • Everyone is now level 7, with 10,000 xp total
  • Everyone has earned 2000 total gold
  • Everyone gets a level 6-10 magic item of their choice (Borodin already got the Crown). Note you can use this instead to upgrade an existing +1 item to +2.


That was the toughest battle I’ve seen so far this campaign. Health was dropping like flies. And yet we prevailed! Great job, team!

Banshee Queen

And what was the final tally? Fourteen natural 1’s for us versus Six crits for her? That’s my Avandra!

Banshee Queen

And one kill for me – no roll required. Perhaps you should consider converting to Ioun.

Banshee Queen

That undead bioatch was tough!!!

Banshee Queen

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